End Of Season Sale – All bikinis are 1 Linden

Summer has gone and we need to make room for the fall collection. Sooooo we are having a 1 Linden only bikini sale. All bikinis at the shop and on sl marketplace are reduced to 1 Linden.

Grab yous as long as they are there @

*Wicked Garden* Shiraz Blue

Shiraz Blue Vase

Shiraz is a classic and elegant vase with flower printing.
It comes in three different sizes.
The clour could be canged via the menu (touch vase). Choose between six different colours.
As always the vase has a shadow prim to give it a more depth. 2 prims per vase.
The box includes all three sizes. Vases are available at the store (inworld) seperately.

Shiraz ist eine klassisch – elegante Vase mit dezentem Blumenmuster in drei Größen.
Die Farben können über das Menü geändert werden (“berühren”).
Es kann unter sechs verschiedene Farben gewählt werden.
Die Vase hat ein “Schatten” Prim, um ihr mehr Tiefe zu verleihen.
Die Vasen sind im Laden Inworld auch einzeln erhältlich.

Shop on xstreet:

Get it inworld @

*Wicked Garden* Hommage a Zora

*Wicked Garden* - Zora Pink

*Wicked Garden* Zora - blue

Zora is a bold maiden. She’s willing to bare with almost anything – esprecially wrestling she told me;) And yes, that’s BARE, not bear.
Zora is a slave-style outfit for those who don’t mind being bold. The low neckline, cut-away shoulders, and high-cut bottom can scarcely be defined otherwise. But it’s also delicate, with tulip sculpty chain-like ornaments for the left calf, the right wrist, the neck, and the waist. If your sweetheart can look away from your cleavage, these ornaments will make a positive impression.

Available in pink and light blue.

Get it @

New Release – Seduction

Seduction is an elegant fishtail gown in six different seductive shiny colours. The top is partly transparent in the middle with a lace pattern. The skirt has three parts for the fishtail.

*Wicked Garden* 60 LS Preview

This week Ella is offering you one of the posh bikinis ” Stella” in pink.

Please note that only the pink one will be on offer for 60 LS. All the other colours are still 149 LS.

*Wicked Garden* Easter Events

Dear all,
to make your easter events a great experience the *Wicked Garden* is hosting a few events for you.

Lucky Tribe Easter Event

As you all know the *Wicked Garden* was one of the first shops to host the Lucky Tribe events. Since ever we are taking part in all the Lucky tribe events throughout the year, yeah!

So we are happy to tell you that we are participating in the Lucky Tribe Easter Egg hunt.

How does it work?
In brief: Go to the Lucky tribe HQ, get the hud, join the group and start collecting your kudos. Change them to the special Lucky Tribe gifts at all the prize redemtion spots. For more information read the official Lucky Tribe notecard.

60 Linden Weekend

You all asked me to take part in this event, so from today on I am taking part in the 60 Linden Weekend event.
This weeks 60 Linden special – just in time for easter:

Jerone Egg Shell Planter with spring plants.
Very low prim – 4 prims only. So it fits perfectly to your Linden Home!

SL Egg Hunt – Gridwide Event

Secret event for easter coming up on the 4th… shhh don’t tell about the sl egg hunt…come here, collect your eggs and win lindens.

There are 7 eggs hidden at the *Wicked Garden*. Those will be put out during the hunt. So get here every week and look for the hidden egg. This event is gid wide and huge fun.

Happy easter and enjoy your egg hunt,

Marly Ella

*Wicked Garden* Halloween Dollarbie

*Wicked Garden* Halloween Bikini
Get it @ *Wicked Garden*

This week Ella made a new and scary Halloween Dollarbie. It is a really cute Halloween -ish Bikini. All scary with little black bats on it.

Don’t miss it out! It’s scary sexy!

*Wicked Greetings*



Wicked Wednesday@*Wicked Garden*

WIcked Garden by EG Poster jardiniere with blue  roses KopieWIcked Garden by EG Poster jardiniere with Pink  rosesWIcked Garden by EG Poster jardiniere with red roses Kopie
Available @ *

*Wicked Garden* Weekend Treat

Wicked Garden by EG Poster template Bikini No. 1 Bright Orangepng
Wicked Garden by EG Poster Bikini No. 1

Tis the weekend so Ella made two Dollarbies for you…
Available @ *Wicked Garden*

*Wicked Wendnesday* @ *Wicked Garden*

_Wicked Garden_ by EG Curling Crystal PIC Kopie

Available @ *Wicked Garden*

Have you ever wondered how Arwen and Celeborn see their way through the forests at night?

Legend says that Elves use magical lanterns that glow without giving heat. Stories have, for centuries, depicted their dancing in the night accompanied by soft lights, akin to those of the heavenly stars, but near at hand. These cool, gentle lights are said to add much to the fairy enchantment, and help create the aura that allows Elves to dance for days and weeks without fatigue, but a danger to mortals who might venture too close and be unable to return to the familiar world due to the power of sorcery.

The lights are said to be akin to the glow produced by fireflies and other insects, soft lights which provide the beauty of a star in the sky, but with no glare or heat.

Ella’s answer to this legendary lighting is her “curling crystal” creation. Available in blue-violet or in fuchsia, the translutcent globe glows with soft colour, and stands atop a curling rod. It is sometimes said that good fantasy reminds you of something you’ve never seen before, because it seems natural, as if it should exist, but unusual enough that you know it doesn’t. Ella’s curling crystals have just that quality, looking as if they were grown organically by Elven magic. They seem natural, yet not of this world.

They also emit fireflies, the other important component of Elven lighting. These particle insects cause no lag, but form a cloud of little yellow-green lights swimming around the crystal, as if drawn to its tranquil light.

The crystals are beautiful in themselves, and have the air both of magic, and also of abstract art. For the non-Elf, a few curling crystals tucked about a garden will lend elegance and serenity, providing a very modern, yet timeless, touch.

Made with the very finest and purest of magic materials, the blue crystals stand atop silver rods and are available singly, while the pink crystals on black rods, are available in groups of three, all different heights.

*Wicked Wednesday* Dollarbie:
The blue curling crystal is set to 1 L$.

Get it here:


Please watch during the coming Wednesdays for discussions of roses–August is Rose Month in the *Wicked Garden*!