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*Wicked Garden* Cosy Christmas Set

Wicked Garden_CosyXmas02

This set includes all the things you need for creating a perfect Christmas corner at your Second Life home. It is so cosy as its name says. So, what are you waiting for coming and grab it ? Rezz a chair for you an another for you partner and sit you both waiting for Christmas. It includes poses for her and him and all the things you see in the picture, chair, tree with gifts underneath, rug, just need your home at the background and your shape to sit on it.

Maybe it is soon but what could i say if not this: MERRY CHRISTMAS.


*Wicked Garden* Granville Tray with Sunflowers

Wicked Garden_Sunflowerstray05i

What could I say about Granville? This set looks as Shabby Chic at it seems. It won’t deceive you and will bring a little sunny summer ray to any corner of your home, to enjoy memories of this summer in coming winter. It will be the perfect decoration for any beach inspired building, home, skybox and even shop, and of course your wicked garden.

Three bottles white, light blue, and blue on a darker fresh blue tray. Everything can be used separately, come and grab yours and be wicked.

*Wicked Garden* Pretty in Pink

Wicked Garden Pretty in Pink_PIC

July – hot summer days and nights. They are an inspriration for every desginer (inside and outside of SL). Where ever you go you see lovely summer dresses swinging.

So for SL I decided to make a Dollarbie – a dress called Pretty in Pink. The dress is a homage to the film.

But I also know – every girl must have at least one pink item in the wardrobe. If you don’t have one yet, go to the shop and grab yours here at the *Wicked Garden*.

*Wicked Garden* in the Mutual Attraction HUNT!

Hello *Wicked Garden* Fans! 

A new hunt has started in-store : Mutual Attraction Hunt

Find a gold heart to win the Wall Decall-Desire, a beautiful poem from Samuel Taylor Poleridge

Happy Valentine and good hunting!

Find hints/pictures/slurls on the official blog :

or contact xmyaxx Kaliopov

*Wicked Garden* welcomes xmyaxx

This is a wonderful day to spread the news. Ella finally found a manager for the *Wicked Garden*.
Please welcome xmyaxx Kaliopov as the new manager of *Wicked Garden*. We are all so happy to have her here. She will organise hunts, do the PR and on top she is a great friend.
xmyaxx is there for you to answer your questions, help you hunting or is there for a chat and a giggle. From today on she will blog *Wicked Garden* News too.
She also has her own blog – don’t miss to read the y-duck blog. Please find the link under the connected blogs.

Again welcome to the team xmyaxx!

Here she is:

A gift for everyone

A gift for everyone – being in SL what looks to me like ages I saw a lot of things change. One thing is gifting. When I started gifting was easy because nearly every designer made the creations transfer. Nowadays this changed to mostly copy only.

Just before christmas 2010 – I was thinking that it would be nicer for you to be able to buy the gift and actually give it to your beloved ones. I got a lot of positive feedback about that.

Today I saw a sign in a the shop eMOTIONS about a project by Sierra Sugar that is exactly trying to point out this situation.

If you would like to be able to wrap your gift up and give it away to you beloved one – please support this project.

Here is

*Wicked Garden* Diva

Diva is a very sexy sparkling sequin dress in silver for your night out. It has a very low back with crossed straps and is high up in the front.

NOTE: Inworld promotion – get the dress from the 3rd to the 9th of Jan 2011 for 99 LS in the inworld store. After that the dress will be 190 LS.

*Wicked Garden* Floating Daisies in purple and teal

pic 2PIC 1PIC 2

These floating daisies are a wonderful addition to you home and garden. They look wonderful on indoor as well as outdoor tables.

The set includes a bowl with moving water and four daisies. One daisy is soft linked and rotates extremly slow. It need to be taken back and rezzed seperately.

The set includes:

– lovely textured bowl with three matching daisies

– additional slowly rotating daisy

– scripted water that moves

Permissions: no copy/no mod/ transfer
Prims: 8
Available colours: purple and teal

Shop with us on Marketplace

*Wicked Garden* Celeste rouge

*Wicked Garden* Celeste

Celeste – the gown for you to feel like a princess during the festive season.

When the nights get dark and the snow falls silently onto the grass and covers the streets – when candlelights shine in the ballroom – then, then it is the time for you to feel like a princess.

Celeste is the gown accompanying you to the balls and candlelight dinners and is highlighting your beauty.

The rouge encloses you with mystery and the stars let you shine. To keep you warm Celeste has a matching sculpted rouge scarf. To let you dance it has matching rouge shoes with the star pattern.

This is the must have of the festive season – feel like a princess but feel sexy, too.<a

*Wicked Garden* – under construction

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience atm. But we thought that the *Wicked Garden* Store needs a face lift. This should explain the hurlyburly there. So please be patient with us – we open a super chic store soon.

In the meantime – feel free to relax down on the beach.

*Wicked Garden* Team