“Santa is coming to town”

Sculpted Christmas Decoration
Sculpted Christmas Decoration

On the 6th of December we celebrate the tradition of St. Nicolas or Santa in many countries. We put our shoes in front of our front doors and wait for them to be filled with presents and sweets the next day.

This sculpted stool is for you to put out in fromt of your second life home. It is wonderfully decorated with a candle, sweets (candy cane), stars, gift parcels, the traditional pine branch, two wonderful textured christmas ornaments and not to forget the most important thing – the “stocking”.
This stocking is filled with a golden star and a pine branch and still there is penty of room to be filled by Santa.

Don’t forget to put yours out in the night before the 6th of December! Guide Santa to your stocking by turning the candle on (by touch) and see the sign that he was there when the candle is turned off (by touch).

Oh, and make sure to be brave!

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