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*Wicked Garden* Shiraz Blue

Shiraz Blue Vase

Shiraz is a classic and elegant vase with flower printing.
It comes in three different sizes.
The clour could be canged via the menu (touch vase). Choose between six different colours.
As always the vase has a shadow prim to give it a more depth. 2 prims per vase.
The box includes all three sizes. Vases are available at the store (inworld) seperately.

Shiraz ist eine klassisch – elegante Vase mit dezentem Blumenmuster in drei Größen.
Die Farben können über das Menü geändert werden (“berühren”).
Es kann unter sechs verschiedene Farben gewählt werden.
Die Vase hat ein “Schatten” Prim, um ihr mehr Tiefe zu verleihen.
Die Vasen sind im Laden Inworld auch einzeln erhältlich.

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*Wicked Garden* Hommage a Zora

*Wicked Garden* - Zora Pink

*Wicked Garden* Zora - blue

Zora is a bold maiden. She’s willing to bare with almost anything – esprecially wrestling she told me;) And yes, that’s BARE, not bear.
Zora is a slave-style outfit for those who don’t mind being bold. The low neckline, cut-away shoulders, and high-cut bottom can scarcely be defined otherwise. But it’s also delicate, with tulip sculpty chain-like ornaments for the left calf, the right wrist, the neck, and the waist. If your sweetheart can look away from your cleavage, these ornaments will make a positive impression.

Available in pink and light blue.

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