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Lucky Tribe is coming!

Hey folks…. this is what Shep Korvin sent out in SL. Don’t miss to read this! This promisses fun!
Happy Lucky Tribe!

Here is what the Notecard said:

In a little under 24 hours time, Lucky Designs will be launching a brand new project – “Lucky Tribe”.

– Bored of grid-wide hunts?
– Seeking interesting new diversions in your Second Life?
– Looking for new ways to score kewl prizes?

Lucky Tribe blends elements of social networking, casual gaming, and good old-fashioned SL freebie-gathering into a fun new way to spend your time in SL. It all kicks off tomorrow.

If you want to be amongst the first to know more, join the “Lucky Tribe” group before 12 Noon (SL Time) Saturday – and feel free to spread the word to anybody you know who might be interested! 🙂

Please note that the SL search engine hasn’t got the group listed yet (boo!) – but if you carry out a search for a resident called “LostTiki Madzuko”, you should find it prominently displayed on his profile.

(Hey… wait a minute… just who is this LostTiki guy anyway……?)


Lucky Tribe

Why don’t we go crazy. The POE hunt is over. The SIITA hunt is over, too.  That is why we do something new.

We are proud to tell you that we are in! Yes, we are in. We are part of the Lucky Tribe.

What is the Lucky Tribe?

We don’t tell. You have to wait untill….untill the Lucky Tribe starts.

Happy Weekend

Your *Wicked Garden* Team