Daily Archives: August 22, 2008

Dangerous Animals have been seen at The *Wicked Garden*

Walking through The *Wicked Garden* this morning I saw some really dangerous animals.

The Dangerous Animal outfit is a cute top with lace, pants with lace and a nice pencil skirt.

It is available in different styles and colours.

Julana is working on a matching belt.

The matching Dangerous Animal boots are already available at the shop.

Special Offer for the Blog Reader:

If you buy a Dangerous Animal Dress and the matching Dangerous Animal Boots we have a special offer for you our blog reader:

We will return 100 L$ back to you.

After your purchase you send a note with your name, date of purchase and amount of purchase to Marly McMahon.

Please allow a bit of time to retrun the money back to you (2 weeks).

Happy Friday

The *Wicked Garden* Team