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Dangerous Animals have been seen at The *Wicked Garden*

Walking through The *Wicked Garden* this morning I saw some really dangerous animals.

The Dangerous Animal outfit is a cute top with lace, pants with lace and a nice pencil skirt.

It is available in different styles and colours.

Julana is working on a matching belt.

The matching Dangerous Animal boots are already available at the shop.

Special Offer for the Blog Reader:

If you buy a Dangerous Animal Dress and the matching Dangerous Animal Boots we have a special offer for you our blog reader:

We will return 100 L$ back to you.

After your purchase you send a note with your name, date of purchase and amount of purchase to Marly McMahon.

Please allow a bit of time to retrun the money back to you (2 weeks).

Happy Friday

The *Wicked Garden* Team


Dollarbies @ The *Wicked Garden*

There are three Dollarbies in the shop.

A complete jewelry set, a dark red dress and a lingerie set in red. Each one is 5 L$.

Don’t miss it. It will be there till the end of August. After that it will go back to its normal price.


The *Wicked Garden* Team

Back from Paris

Unexpected but most welcome one of our The *Wicked Garden* Designers had the chance to go to Paris – Paris the fashion metropole.

She went shopping, window shopping and trend hunting for us.

To her this years designer’s collections are full of extremes. You find everything from pomp to minimalism.

But who says that minimalism cannot be sexy as hell?

Checking on this fall/winter colours you will find that grey is the new black (yes, I know we had that last year) and other than that it is only in the dark red, purple and magenta palette.

Basic clothes in black and white are still a must have.

Besides that there is only one piece of good advice we could give to you: Never leave the house without a piece of animal print. So buy yourself an animal print coat, a pair of shoes, a belt or a handbag and don’t forget you dare to be different because you deserve it.

So snoop around The *Wicked Garden* and you will find the latest trends.

To celebrate the trip we put up an august special dress for the group at a reduced price.

Hurry to get yours before it is away.

Happy shopping

Your *Wicked Garden* Team

Fall Trends @ The Wicked Garden

Fall/Winter 2008 will be a very exciting time for you. So many new styles and colours for to discover … shopping it is going to be good fun.

Remember the spring runways were full of flowers. Winter will be full of foliage and feathers.

The Wicked Garden

The Wicked Garden – We dare to be different.

We do not believe in the trends set by magazines or by others – we set the trends ourselves.

We are not hung upon marketing phrases and formats that other shops use…

We are different and we dare to be different.

Do you dare to be different, too?

If you dare to be different – be a part of The Wicked Garden.

Marly @ The Wicked Garden